Taking measurements


  1. It is vital to use a metal tape measure as these will give a more accurate measurement. For the best result your curtain track or pole should be position approximately  15cm (6”) higher than the window, and be wider than your window by 15-20cm (6-8”) either side.
  2. If you are using a curtain track measure the full length. For curtain poles measure the length of the pole only, do not include the finials at the end.
  3. Use your cutain pole or track length to work out the width of your curtains. To achieve a soft gathered look when your curtains are closed, use the header type to make the following calculation:

Pencil pleat = pole or track width x 2 or 2.5

Eyelet = pole or track width x 1.5 or 2

Tap top = pole or track width 1.5 or 2

Hand headed = pole or track width x 2.5 or 3

  1. Add a further 20cm (8”) to the width measurement to allow your curtains to overlap in the middle when closed and accommodate for header bounceback.


  1. Decide where your curtains will end. Sill length curtains should finish either 1.5cm (1/2”) above the windowsill or 15cm (6”) below the sill to exclude lights and draughts effectively.  To prevent wear on the hems, floor length curtains should ideally finish 1.5cm (1/2”) above the floor.
  2. Windowsills and floors are not always level, so measure at 2 or 3  points across the pole or track to finished length .
  3. To measure the ‘drop ‘ of your curtains, use the kind of curtains you are going to hang as a guide.

Pencil pleat measurements:

Curtain track; measure from the bottom of the track glider to your finished length.

Eyelet and tap top curtain measurements;

Measure from the top fo the curtain pole to the finished length.  Eyelet curtains can only be used witgh a curtain pole.


If you are unsure, please call and we will advise.


Measuring for Roman blinds

Blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the recess.  The following points are crucial to consider when making your decision.

If the recess is less than 75mm deep, the window opens inwards or the width or height varies by more than 20mm it will be necessary to fit the blind outside the recess.



1 measure the width and the drop in 3 positions, noting any protrusions such as dado rails and tiles.

2. make a note of the smallest width and drop measurement in cm.



  1. Allow the blind to extend approximately 50-100mm above and below the window and 50- 100mm either side.
  2. Make a note of the required width and drop in cm.